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Jacob’s not just looking for a photo op; he's looking to make a real difference.


Reinvesting in the People of Eaton County


Jacob Toomey made history as the youngest person ever elected Dimondale Trustee and continues to break records as the youngest person ever elected Eaton County Commissioner. Jacob is rewriting the political playbook with a track record of bipartisan, effective policies that prove he didn't run for office to play the same old political games. Jacob is putting workers first, bolstering our public infrastructure, increasing government transparency, driving down costs for hardworking families, and he’s just getting started.

Image by Skyler Sawyer


Public safety is one of the most important tasks facing local government today. Jacob Toomey is working hard to provide first responders with the resources they need to save lives. As a Dimondale Trustee, Jacob secured new investments in safety infrastructure. As Commissioner, Jacob has proudly voted YES on every staff increase for 911 Dispatch and Sheriffs Office employees. Jacob also introduced a bipartisan resolution to begin the development of a new e-unit in Eaton County. The e-unit will restore 24/7 road patrol and enhance public safety by training select deputies as paramedics.

People in Park


Commissioner Toomey is a champion of well-maintained local parks because he knows they are proven to help economic growth, support public health, and increase property values. As a Dimondale Trustee, Jacob voted YES on building permanent bathroom facilities, reconstructing the pickleball/basketball courts, installing a public gazebo, and creating two public art pieces. As Commissioner, Jacob voted YES to award over $600,000 for local park projects throughout Eaton County in FY 22-23.

Modern Senior Woman


Everyone in Eaton County deserves affordable access to high-speed internet. In today's world if you can't connect, you can't compete! As a Dimondale Trustee, Jacob worked alongside the Dorothy Hull Library to secure a $20,000 grant for solar-powered public charging stations with    Wi-Fi hotspots. Free internet at select Village of Dimondale parks will be available in 2023. As Commissioner, Jacob advocated for a multimillion-dollar broadband project to bring high-speed fiber-optic internet to over 2,000 rural households.

Construction Managers


Small businesses and local jobs keep our communities strong. As a Dimondale Trustee, Jacob voted YES on investing in critical infrastructure like roads and bridges, putting folks back to work following the COVID-19 economic crisis. As Commissioner, Jacob voted YES on a year-long project to expand the Eaton County Youth Facility which serves juveniles involved in the justice system. The 10,000 sq. ft. expansion boosted the economy by creating good-paying, local jobs. Nearly 80% of the contractors involved in the project were unionized, with 30% of the contractors located in Eaton County.

Calculating Budget


Commissioner Toomey is focused on protecting and expanding the middle class by lowering costs for everyday families. Jacob introduced a bipartisan proposal eliminating fees for essential documents, like birth and death certificates for those facing financial hardship in Eaton County. This proposal puts money back in the pockets of families who need it most while getting folks the documents they need to enroll in school or apply for a job.

Donating Food to Charity


While some elected officials only seem to remember the community during election years, Jacob Toomey is working to build a better community day in and day out. While Jacob works as a Legislative Director and County Commissioner, he is also a board member for the Capital Area College Access Network, administrator at the Dimondale Food Pantry, Vice Chair of the ECDP Youth Chapter, 5 Minutes Tops panel judge, and frequent volunteer at community events. Jacob’s not just looking for a photo op; he's looking to make a real difference.

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