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Eaton County Waives Fees for Residents Experiencing Financial Hardship

CHARLOTTE, MI – Eaton County residents facing financial hardships will no longer have to worry about paying fees associated with obtaining certified copies of vital records, such as birth and death certificates. The resolution, introduced by Eaton County Commissioner Jacob Toomey passed with broad bipartisan support.


“We’re not just removing fees; we’re removing barriers to opportunity,” said Toomey. “The cost of a birth certificate should never stand between our residents and their dreams of getting a job or enrolling their children in school.” 


According to the 2020 Census, 8.8% of Eaton County’s population had an income below the Federal Poverty Level, and 10% of Eaton County youth live below the poverty line. Residents facing financial hardship are unable to afford the fees for vital records, many of which are necessary to enroll children in school, gain employment, qualify for housing and state assistance, and obtain a state identification card. 


The Eaton County Clerk’s office policy is to provide copies of vital documents regardless of the Eaton County resident’s ability to pay. Upon presentation of documentation evidencing financial hardship, the Eaton County Clerk, at their discretion, may reduce or waive the fee needed for vital records. 


“My office is thrilled to be able to make a positive difference for residents in need,” said Eaton County Clerk Diana Bosworth. “Everyone has a unique situation, and it’s in our community’s best interest to make it easier for residents.” 


For more information on the Eaton County Clerk’s office, visit or call 517-543-2426.

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