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Brandon Haskell
Eaton County Commissioner

Jacob Toomey is a hardworking, insightful leader. His brand of leadership is exactly what Windsor and Benton Townships need and would be a significant improvement over what they currently have.


Travis Radina
Former ECDP Chair

Jacob Toomey is a proven leader with a record of fighting passionately for his community and bringing people together to get results. As County Commissioner, he will restore trust and integrity to our government, fight for Eaton County’s working families, and champion a strong post-pandemic recovery.


Jon Horford
State Rep. Candidate

Jacob has the passion, knowledge, and integrity it takes to be a genuine community leader! Eaton County would benefit from having him as a commissioner and public servant.


Amy Smitter
Community Member

Jacob Toomey's voice will be refreshing for our community now and in the future. He will tackle his responsibilities with equal parts research and care.


Brayden Parks
U.S. Marine

Jacob Toomey, he's the man for the job.


Felicia Lemmon
Community Member

I've known Jacob for a long time and I know how caring and dedicated to the community he is. I'm so excited for him to be running because I know he will be a great representative of our county.

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