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Police Cars

Public Safety

Public safety is one of the most important tasks facing local government today. Law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services play an important role in both the prevention of and response to public safety concerns in Eaton County.

The lives of people in Eaton County depend on the ability of each department to perform effectively and efficiently. That's why Toomey is committed to working with community leaders and public safety departments to ensure Eaton County is a leader in mitigation and response to public safety situations.

Jacob's Record:

Jacob has always been a strong supporter of the folks that keep our communities safe. That's why he has voted time and time again to improve safety infrastructure as a Trustee.

As an Eaton County Commissioner, Jacob has voted yes on every single staffing increase for 911 dispatch and sheriffs office employees. Jacob also introduced a bipartisan resolution to begin the development of a new e-unit in Eaton County. This e-unit will enhance public safety by training select officers as paramedic and restoring 24/7 road patrol to out-county areas.

Police Car
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