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Parks and Recreation

Eaton County currently has ten county parks (825 acres of land) that residents and non-residents alike enjoy every day. (Jacob loves walking Eaton County's Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge!)


Eaton County parks provide an irreplaceable gathering place for families, clubs, and individuals wishing to enjoy Michigan's natural beauty or connect with other community members. Well-maintained parks are also proven to help with economic growth, public health, and increasing property values.

Toomey understands the importance of public health and will work to properly fund our large parks system so generations to come can enjoy them and their recreational benefits!

Jacob's Record:

As a Trustee, Jacob participated in expanding the services and infrastructure offered at local parks. Improvements that Jacob voted in favor of included installing permanent bathroom facilities, building a public gazebo, reconstruction of pickle ball and basketball courts, and the placement of two inaugural art pieces.

People in Park
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