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Leadership Values

According to a 2021 Gallup poll, only 66% of respondents said they have faith in their local governments ability to handle local problems. Trust in government to do the right thing has been shrinking for years and Eaton County residents must be sure their county representatives are fighting for their best interests, all the time.

Toomey believes in being a strong voice for District 10 with full transparency to pass common sense policies that make Eaton County an even better place to live. No hidden agendas, no hard to find information, no bullcrap.

Jacob's Record:

Toomey's track record shows his willingness to pursue ease of use policies for everyday citizens interacting with government services. As a Trustee, Toomey worked hard to increase government transparency on the communications committee. He voted to stream and retain council meetings along with in-person meetings and started the "Council Minute" which is still in use today. This short video series communicated directly with the public after each council meeting by providing meeting highlights online.

At the county, Jacob still provides easy to access online updates to ensure accountability. He works to pass bipartisan policies and stand up for the needs of his constituents.

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