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High-Speed Internet

Everyone in Eaton County deserves the opportunity to have affordable access to high-speed internet. In today's world if you can't connect, you just can't compete!

Eaton County has only recently taken the first steps towards better internet access in the form of a community wide survey, but we cannot stop here. There is still work to be done and we must act to make real improvements based on these survey results. 

Toomey has been, and will continue to be a strong supporter of increasing broadband internet infrastructure in Eaton County. As more people gain access to affordable and reliable internet, the better equipped the residents of Eaton County will be to compete in education and the labor force.

Jacob's Record:

Jacob heard the message from Eaton County residents loud and clear, access to affordable internet is critical. As a Trustee, Jacob voted twice to apply for grant funding to provide free internet in Village parks. Dimondale was awarded this grant and free internet at select Village of Dimondale parks will be available in 2023.

As a Commissioner, Jacob has advocated for a multimillion-dollar broadband project to bring high-speed fiber-optic internet to over 2000 rural households by utilizing a variety of available funding sources to provide value to the taxpayer.

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